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This is Gregg Gibson. His life ended tragically at age 20 when he and his friend Nazar Suliman were murdered while stopped at a signal light enroute to the freeway on ramp.  Their murders have been labeled "random acts of violence" and it is suspected that it may have been gang associated. Neither Gregg nor Naz had any gang affiliation.  His perpetrators have yet to be caught.

Remembering the victims of violence...and working to save others from these senseless acts.

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."
                                              - Robert F. Kennedy

Whether your life has been tragically altered by a random act of violence like Gregg's family, or you simply wish to help be a beacon of light in the darkness, the Library of Life would like to invite you to light a candle, post a picture of your precious loved one, or leave your condolences and messages of support and hope to those who have been affected by violent crime. We believe that in the presence of light, there can be no darkness.

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Tributes and Condolences
jitaan and daddy   / Misty Hornsby (sister)
I miss my sister dearly. Now resting with jitaan leigh ann hornsby is my dad lewis dub hornsby. I know theyre united in heaven looking down on myself and momma and the rest of our family. Gone but never forgotten. Love your daughter and sister.Continue >>
missing her and her son Kolby   / Monquie Thomas (cousin)
They are truly missed..
Pablo Williams   / Jo An Perez (friend)
Im looking for any relatives of Pablo Williams killed in a robbery in Atlanta georgia I think 5 or 6 yrs ago. He went to CampbellHigh n lived in Smyrna for some time. I have a son 20 (we both were very young)n I need to get in touch with his familyContinue >>
Just stopping to say hello   / St.julian Walker (Friend)
We miss you and will continue to love you Ju!!
Angel baby taken so soon   / Maritza Chavira-Quintero (Cousin)
My lil cousin can't believe you would be 7 this year. You were just a baby and you didn't deserve this...we never knew what really happen and that's what still haunts me. I think about you and wonder why a person would hurt a baby because now dat I ...  Continue >>
Jocilyn Willliams  / Derek Reeves (Friend)    Read >>
RIP PABLO WILLIAMS I Miss You!!!  / Tamela Bennett (Friend)    Read >>
I miss you Raheem  / Iffat (Sister)    Read >>
I feel my heart ripping apart.  / Michelle Gonzalez (lost a brother )    Read >>
the lost of a child  / Martha Morrison (mother)    Read >>
Jerry and Sherlene  / Jerri Church (daughter and stepdau )    Read >>
i relate  / Liz Lampkin (none)    Read >>
missing you "ROCKY"  / Rocky Tucker (brother)    Read >>
R.I.P KING ANIKULAPO  / Jillian Squires (Cousin)    Read >>
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His legacy
From a Mother's Heart  

With the wings of an angel.
You come to me.
You softly creep into my dreams.
With the wings of an angel,
I watch you play,
I see your smile light up the sky.
I feel your gentle kiss upon my cheek.
I can hear you voice call out,
I love you Mom.
With the wings of an angel,
You come to me.
You softly creep into my dreams,
For a brief time we are...
Mother and Son once again.
Monika Hedglin